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Success Story


​"Selling Profile helped us to very quickly identify and place 12 new salespeople, out of a pool of 32 what seemed to be excellent CVs, for a client who required a highly-skilled sales team specialising in selling engineering based solutions. We had to work to a very tight deadline, and the insights gained definitely helped us to succeed."

Phil Shipperlee - Managing Director - Performative Sales Training

Recruiting high quality sales performers is a difficult task, and with the economic crunch there has been a real shake out with regard to the availability of top salespeople. Larger numbers of candidates are applying for sales roles, and you have to be quick to nail down the good ones as companies seek to build better quality sales teams. Companies are aware that they can't afford to carry laggards in their teams as this starts to take a lot of time and energy to resolve. Salespeople fail when they aren't assigned to the roles that suit them best, meaning they won't be aligned to their sales goals and they then become laggards.

A company can't afford to get its sales placements wrong as not only does it negatively impact on revenue performance, it also affects the company's brand and the sales team. Clients begin to lose faith in your business with every incorrect salesperson you employ to engage with them, and it hinders your ability to build customer loyalty and profitable long-term relationships.

With the Selling Profile in your toolbox, you will be able to better evaluate a candidate even before you progress to the interview stage, saving you time and money. When you put forward your final shortlist, the Candidate CVs will include each person's Selling Profile, helping you to gain a unique insight into the people being considering. This added knowledge builds trust and confidence in your screening approach, helping your sales recruitment process to be even more accurate.

It is widely accepted that slow performers will cost companies a lot of money, and also cause negativity and conflict. You cannot afford to get your sales recruitment wrong in these tough economic times, and everyone is starting to focus on ensuring they have people in the correct roles in their sales teams rather than hiring just for the sake of trying to increases revenues.

The Selling Profile will show you if a candidate is a driven, new business focused salesperson, or better suited to managing existing accounts. You will be able to match people to different roles, including if they are able to work for a commission-only or if they prefer a higher basic salary with a lower commission. 

Furthermore, the Selling Profile will help you understand if they are better at selling products, or if they are at ease in a more technical, complex sales environment. You will also see if they prefer to be working in a customer support role rather than a sales role.